Slider Syrp (Magic Carpet Pro with Linear and Genie II Pan - Tilt)

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Slider Syrp (Magic Carpet Pro with Linear and Genie II Pan – Tilt)
Slider Syrp composed by Magic Carpet Pro, Genie II Linear and Genie II Pan Tilt.
Magic Carpet PRO
Magic Carpet Pro has been designed to produce extremely smooth movements even with the heaviest cameras
DimensionsShort Track 600mm x 192mm
Medium Track 900mm x 192mm
Short Track & Medium Track Combo 1500mm x 192mm
WeightShort Track: 4.9kg
Medium Track: 5.7kg
Short Medium Combo: 7.4kg
PayloadHorizontal: 32Kg
Horizontal with Track Joiner extension: 23Kg
Vertical (with camera up to 250 mm outside the trolley): 11 kg
Upside down: 23Kg
Mounting Base for short track: left, right and 1 centered for mounting tripods (1/4 ″ and 3/8 ″ thread)
Medium track base: left, right and 2 centered for mounting tripods (1/4 ″ and 3/8 ″ thread)
Trolley: 90 mm quick release plate with 1/4 “or 3/8” interchangeable screws for mounting cameras / ball heads
Genie II Linear
Genie II Linear is a highly portable and versatile motion control solution. It can be attached to any slider on the market by offering precise control of linear movement up to 100 m in length.
DimensionsW141 x L141 x H161mm
Maximum SpeedLinear: 110mm / Sec
Minimum resolutionLinear: 0.01mm
Payload Horizontal: 7.4 kg
Vertical: 2.5 kg
8 kg vertical counterweight
Genie II Pan Tilt
Genie II Pan Tilt offers the director a world of options during filming. It is possible to use with a tripod for precise control of the Pan and Tilt camera or to combine with Genie II Linear for 3-axis movement control.
DimensionsW141 x L141 x H215mm
Maximum SpeedPanning: 25deg / Sec
Tilting: 15deg / Sec
Minimum ResolutionPanning: 0.01deg
Tilting: 0.01deg
PayloadOverview: 6 kg
Inclination: varies according to the inclination angle 6 kg to 60 ° – 3 kg to 180 °

* Payload compatible with any DSLR and 180 ° lens

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