Live direction and Broadcast service

To manage the directing, resuming and subsequent editing of live events, it is necessary to have certain skills, safe and professional tools and a high quality crew. It is necessary, above all, to play in advance and foresee the events in order to avoid inconveniences that during a live live, are not allowed, for this reason we of MediaMaking, now experts in the field of live direction, we provide all our professionalism and our quality equipment to guarantee our customers a result that can fully satisfy them, both in pre- and post-production, obtaining incredible and incomparable results.

For arts events, conferences, presentations, concerts or general meetings, Mediamaking can extend your live communication to a global audience via broadcast and webcast.

We produce the video in real time, allowing remote audiences to immerse themselves in the environment and interact with the performance of the speakers.
We can shorten distances and improve the communication range of companies thanks to new broadcasting technologies.

The Mediamaking Broadcast Direction is designed to meet multiple requests: using the latest generation equipment, hardware and software and thanks to the support of a crew of the highest level we are able to obtain excellent results.
Furthermore, thanks to the innovative fiber optic transmissions we can guarantee an extraordinary live production process.

Wherever in the world you are, at any moment, we are ready to turn your vision into reality.

No job is too big or too small: every commitment is important to us.



One of the main broadcast cameras we use during events and live broadcasts is the URSA Broadcast.
This camera offers an incredible 4K image sensor and a new extended video mode with better dynamic range and color fidelity. The image sensor is designed for both HD and Ultra HD in order to obtain amazing textures and details, accurate skin tones, vivid colors and high dynamic range videos: things make post-production an added value and no longer a necessity !

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