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Service and events: audio video lights

MediaMaking takes complete care of the set-up for the required event. We offer everything that may concern the event audio requirements (audio production, microphones, CV players/recorders, etc.), as well as its video requirements (HD cameras, robot heads for remote controls, video mixers of 4, 8 or 16 channels in both SD and HD, signal distributors and matrices, preview monitors, etc.). In addition to that, we also prepare the lighting system as required by the director, as well as the different types of equipment such as consoles, dimmers, PC, profile spots, dominoes, robot heads, visual effects, lasers, etc. Last but not least, we are able to also prepare the stage set-up, including footboards, installation of stage lighting truss, walkways, platforms, etc.

Technical Staff:

• Director
• Assistant director
• Sound engineer
• Cameramen
• Lighting technicians
• Electricians
• Djs
• Stage technicians
• Stage directors

Head office and production studios

Via Tolmezzo 5/2- 20132 Milano
tel.: +39 0236523732

MediaMaking Rental

Via Ludovico D'Aragona 10 - 20132 Milano
tel.: + 39 0240741153

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