Video Crew

The video crew of MediaMaking are able to satisfy any video production.

We offer the ability to shoot indoors or outdoors, with acquisition of digital audio for video coverage of events, news, interviews, short films, music videos, documentaries, drama, TV commercial, news, corporate videos, industrial videos and for each other types of audio and video production.

We provide different combinations of specialized crew. For further information and for information on the composition of the crew do not hesitate to contact us.

Our technical staff is made up of different professionals specialized in the field of video production to meet every need of our customers and make you do your job simple, straightforward and absolutely perfect.

The technical crew consists of:

• Director

• Photography director

• Cameramen

• Lighting technician

• Electrician

• Crane/Grip operator

• Dolly grip

• Steadicam operator

• Make-up artist

• Stylist




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