Video production

We are well aware of the power of audio-visual media. That is precisely why we offer our competences in this sector to help create different types of products for our clients: feature films, short films, TV series, TV productions, television advertisement, corporate promos and videos, concert filming, theatre performances, fashion shows and backstage videos.

Our video department offers a comprehensive service, ensuring all project stages are managed with care and professionalism, thus helping to create a final product of outstanding quality.

The service offered by our video department is complete about technologies and experience: the design phase, a key component of a job well structured, it is expressed through storyboards and direction to then be translated into a careful choice of location and participants through the organization of castings.

The executive phase instead claims the availability of adequate means and ability to execute, MediaMaking has in fact all the latest insource instrumentation for shooting videos.

Finally, the post production, performed by editors in the industry with proven experience, is developed in our video editing room, compositing, graphics and sound room.

The best at the disposal of our customers, always!

• Institutional and
corporate videos

• Musical video clips

• TV Spot

• Video courses and lessons

• Fiction

• Documentaries

• Video Casting

• Teaser

• Storytelling

• Demo

• Training

• Testimonials

• Leadership

• Video streaming events

• Video streaming and Web TV

• Aerial shots and diving

• Format Full HD

• Format 4K UHD

• Video 3D graphics

• 3D Mapping

• After Effects and Motion Graphics



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