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Having a website, nowadays, it’s essential to ensure visibility to your activities and the promotion of it.
MediaMaking offers a 360 degree service regarding the realization of web sites, via the study of content and also the graphic impact.

We take care of both the visual and the technical part, touching both the design of the code, both the graphic design with responsive layouts that can adapt to any type of device: mobile, tablet, computers…
Moreover, if necessary, we also provide a content deployment service, offering the customer the opportunity to realize photographic services, audio / video streaming, integrate a blog or a podcast, and all you can need to make your site a medium of communication.

All websites are made with the most advanced techniques that are currently available (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript) and we also offer the domain purchasing and hosting service, providing assistance and technical support in various configurations.


• Choosing and registering a domain
• Hosting
• Positioning on search engines
• Visual and graphic communication
• Study of your logo and coordinated graphics
• Web graphics and Web Design Realization
• Sectoral and local market competition Studio
• Creating dynamic web sites
• Newsletter
• Photo Shoot
• Photo galleries
• PEC – Certified Email

, Web Design, MediaMaking
, Web Design, MediaMaking
, Web Design, MediaMaking
, Web Design, MediaMaking
, Web Design, MediaMaking


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  • English
  • Russian


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