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A set is a visual element that recreates a feeling of comfort and atmosphere and is able to communicate the mood of the event to the audience. We arrange the set-up of various sets, aimed at providing solutions for each type of request and satisfy the demands of all clients.

We are able to design and implement high impact original scenic solutions for any type of event, show, commercial, fashion show or television show.


In the context of video production we also offer the service of storyboard creation.
This is an essential phase of the creative process which allows visualising the original idea in a series of images, then identifying it and evaluating the different possibilities of deploying it, such as finding the best or the easiest shot to help realise it.

MediaMaking walks down that path together with our clients and we use our experience and creativity to help find the best solution for them.


MediaMaking is able to organise casting events, i.e. the selection of different participants (actors, models, hostesses, etc.) for the purpose of participating in events or video productions.

MediaMaking finds the faces and talents best suited for various events, such as films, advertisement, TV productions and catalogues, drawing from a rich database of male and female models, fashion models, actors and extras.

Location scouting

Choosing the right shooting location is extremely important for the creation of all types of productions. MediaMaking can find the location best suited to your needs and take care of the access permits for the necessary equipment.

In MediaMaking we are happy to assist you in the selection of the best suited location for your event and available budget.





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