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Операторский кран 9 м - ABC

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Операторский кран 9 м – ABC
ABC Crane: 9 meters arm.
Crane with professional accessories + separable tubes!
Separable main shaft that allows the best use in confined spaces
Lightweight construction with square profiles 9 x 9 cm, which provide extreme rigidity! The segments of the additive crane are fixed by bolts to provide maximum resistance to torsion.
Circular openings of the segments that reduce weight.
Maximum load of 20 kg
Assembly time very short (complete assembly in about 20 minutes.)
Total length 3 different types of assembly (small / medium / large)
It can be used with the tripod reinforced 132x
The system is developed to be used with the "Bull Stand or Dolly CD5/CD 6" reinforced


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