Dolly and Tracks rental with operators and machinists

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The Dolly is a sort of trolley, with the possibility of installing a crane (crane or arm) for shooting in more complex height, on which a camera or video camera is mounted, indispensable for fluid motion shots .

It needs tracks on which to be pulled by one or more machinists and in addition to the weight of the camera, to bear even that of an operator.

For these reasons, the Dolly is a machine to handle with extreme care, and MediaMaking makes available not only different types of Dolly and their tracks to its customers, but also operators and machinists that they know how to handle it perfectly, guaranteeing an optimal result for your video shootings.
The Dolly is also compatible with different types of Crane, which can also be rented from MediaMaking, for any more complex top shots.

We at MediaMaking offer a complete service for smooth and moving shots, thanks to the different types of Dolly we have, allowing the customer to reach the maximum result, guided by technical & artistic professionals.



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