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ABC Remote head

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ABC Remote head
The two-axis joystick allows you to maneuver with ease both the pan (pan) that the inclination (tilt) of your camera. The movement is proportional type and dynamic touch, or will perceive greater acceleration and therefore greater speed of the head more so that we will move away from the center of the joystick.
1x Remote Head V5 incl. camera frame
1x Control unit with continuous speed control, switcher for direction assignment,connections for DC IN, Video Out, Lanc IN, Signal IN
1x Control cable 12 m (39.37 ft), motor control with Video- Lanc control
1x Moving unit with camera wedge-plate and safety mechanism
1x Lanc control cable
1x Video cable 75 Ohm
1x Docking station V-Mount
1x Power suppy unit 100 V-240V AC/DC 50/60 Hz; 12V-DC 1200 mA
1x Case

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