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FLOW500 wireless system
FLOW500 wireless system
SWIT FLOW 500 – 150m radio link. Based on the latest KUWI SWIT wireless technology, 5.1-5.9GHz free bands, DFS compliant, supports 3G / HD-SDI and HDMI (Max 1080p60). The system is pure plug and play connection for montoring, steadicam, drones etc …
The SWIT FLOW radio link has reliable wireless transmission, with higher wall-cross performance thanks to RF optimization and the optimization of image quality. In this way, Swit has found a way to maintain a fantastic video transmission without data loss or crash compared to normal 5GHz wireless transmitters.
Works under 5.1-5.9GHz, with integrated wireless scanner. Detect the wireless conditions of all frequencies, automatically jump to the best wireless channel to maintain a reliable connection and transmission.
You can also manually switch wireless channels from 7 unrestricted channels.
Both Tx and Rx are equipped with OLED to display the signal format, the wireless channel number and the signal strength.
To ensure the quality of the black level, the signal noise and the color reproduction of the received wireless signal, the FLOW wireless receiving series supports signal re-clocking and accurate color reproduction.
Weight ( (Transmitter – Receiver) 236 g / 245 g
Dimensions (Transmitter – Receiver) 6.6 x 10.6 x 2.47 cm / 10.6 x 6.6 x 2.4 cm
Input (Transmitter) 3G/ HD-SDI x 1
HDMI x 1
Output (Transmitter) 3G/HD-SDI loop x 1
Output (Receiver) 3G/HD-SDI loop x 1
Format (Transmitter – Receiver) 1080P (60 / 59.94 / 50)
1080i (60 / 59.94 / 50)
1080p (30 / 29.97 / 25 / 24 / 23.98)
720p (60 / 59.94 / 50)
Wireless frequency 5.17GHz-5.23GHz e 5.75GHz-5.83GHz
Radio modules OFDM 16QAM, 64QAM, QPSK, BPSK
Transmission distance 150 metri
Power consumption ≤8W
Radio power 125mW
Input voltage DC 7~34V

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