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Teleprompters rental with operator

The teleprompter, also called hunchback or electronic prompter, is a device that allows, through a polarized mirror, to display a text readable by the speaker directly from the camera, thus allowing him never to look away from the camera, giving the impression of looking viewers directly.

This system is indicated when it comes to advertising spots, conferences, video productions or sitcoms, as it is an indispensable help for the actor or the speaker.

, Teleprompters, MediaMaking
, Teleprompters, MediaMaking

MediaMaking provides a rental service of teleprompters of different sizes, suitable for every need, also adding the possibility of requesting a technical operator to take care of its use, starting from the assembly of the equipment, up to its true use. and therefore eliminating all sorts of margins of error during production.

Our operators, specialists in the sector, are of great support during the production of video productions, as they can set the speed with which the teleprompter releases the texts, depending on the reading needs of the speaker or actor, thus making it easier processing.





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