Потоковое видео

Video content is slowly becoming a wonderful choice to engage visitors, even because it allows the transmission of a stream of video signals over the network without download times.

It is not only an effective marketing tool but also a reliable content distribution system that broadcasts programs, television channels, or anyone interested in such an activity want to exploit to reach a large number of people.

True Streaming

  • For CDN on demand and CDN live streaming video
  • Transcodifies the file stream/video source automatically in the following 5 stream protocols to provide compatibility with all devices:
  1. RTMP / RTMPE — Real Time Messaging Protocol — for Flash players such as JW Player or Flowplayer.
  2.   HLS — Apple HTTP Live Streaming — for Android, Apple, QuickTime and HTML5 players such as JW Player or Flowplayer.
  3.  RTSP — Real Time Streaming Protocol — for Android, Blackberry and Smartphones.
  4.  Smooth Streaming Microsoft — for Windows Phone and Silverlight Players.
  5.  Dynamic streaming of Adobe HTTP — for HTML5 players like Flowplayer.

HTTP pseudo streaming

  • Also known as progressive download.

HTTP pseudo streaming

  • Source Requirements — Any HLS or any other HTTP stream is supported.

Finding a video streaming solution is not a child play, there are several aspects to consider: from the delivery platform to device compatibility and after years of analysis, we are now able to develop reliable solutions for every need. We use a high performance CDN network to ensure quality and delivery worldwide.
We mainly provide three types of video-streaming:
• True streaming
• HTTP pseudo streaming
• HTTP re-streaming



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